Pickable, Pickable Dating App

Pickable – A Female Friendly Dating App With Lots Of Features

How do women feel when the number of men in a dating app is higher than that of female users? Surely, women may think of quitting the dating platform. Pickable has solved the problem by giving more focus on women. Thus, these female users will feel safe while browsing through profiles of their male partners. We have now reviewed the app, Pickable, to help you in using it rightly.

Why Pickable Is Best For Women

Pickable lets women use the app anonymously until they find the right men in their life. Thus, you can check out others’ profiles without having any concern about your privacy.

Steps To Use Pickable

You can download the app on your Android or iOS mobile. Then, to activate the app, you need to use your mobile number. You have to upload at least one photo and use your mobile GPS technology to share your present location.

For men, we can say that your photo will be visible to women, and when they have an interest in you, there is a chance to start a chat. However, to make your photo viewable, you need to click on the button- Become Pickable. Women get the option of sending a chat request, and you have a chance of accepting or rejecting this request.

How Does Pickable Work?

Pickable has made its dating game different for women and men. Still, you can find a few things common for both the genders. No one has a chance to deliver unsolicited messages to his or her matches. Thus, you do not need to chat with someone who does not interest you.

What Is Unique In Pickable?

This dating app helps you in browsing profiles of lots of men while maintaining anonymity. Conversely, guys need to create their profiles and present them as Pickable for a definite period. They can wait for their female partners to have an interesting chat.

One of the best facts is that women do not need to deal with piles of messages from men. Without setting up a profile, you may upload photos and enter your personal details to manage the app dashboard. Men do not have the option of swiping a list of profiles.

In fact, we can say that Pickable has become attractive to lots of women for its female friendliness.

Pickable Does Not Need Loads Of Information

Most of the dating apps encourage users to make their profiles more elaborate with perfect photos and detailed bios. However, not all this stuff has much importance in the future. For this reason, Pickable has helped you to keep up with minimalism in your profile. You do not need to add fluff content to your profile. The most relevant things in your profile will enable you to find a compatible match.

Is Pickable The Right Choice For Men?

Some men have claimed that there may be fake women in the app. However, as one of the app users, you have to play a role in judging a woman with conversations.

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