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Raya – A Favorite Dating App To Celebrities

Have you ever thought of how the famous celebs find their life partners? Let us help you in finding the answer to this question. Initially developed as a dating app, Raya has turned out to be the best social networking app for celebrities in the entertainment sector.

However, never think that Raya is only for elite-class members of society. You may also use it by downloading it on your iOS devices. Raya is a membership-based private social network where social elites get a chance to connect with each other. Lots of musicians, models, and actors have found their love from this app.

How To Use Raya?

When you are using the dashboard of Raya, you will find it different from other apps. It does not display local members using the app. You will see a range of global users after opening the app. The profile images are visible to you as slideshows, and you will get fun while scrolling through images, as there is background music. The world of Raya is alluring to you, and the classy Raya members behave in a better way. However, never think of having a screenshot of a celeb’s profile to send it to your friend.

Raya- How Does The App Work?

The way how Raya works are different from those other apps. As one of the app users, you have to link Raya to your Instagram account. The app developer has to filter its applicants. Similar to other apps, you have to write a bio for your profile. While two members have liked each other’s profiles, it is easy to start the chat. However, the validity of matches is 10 days. However, although dating may not be your intention, you can enjoy tweeting through the app, Raya.

What Is The Most Interesting Thing About Raya?

Most of the dating apps give you an option for linking your social media profiles for your account verification. However, for acceptance, Raya users must submit to the committee when one of the app users has referred them to it. Then, those Raya users can answer some questions and add friend recommendations. Still, it does not ensure that the committee will select their applications.

An algorithmic system assesses their applications. Committee members also make their inputs to deal with the application process. These members also come from diverse backgrounds with different ages and interests.
Interestingly, very few users get the acceptance of their applications. Reputed stars and celebs get approval within an hour. However, others may need to wait for more than two weeks for approval.

The pricing for subscription is higher than what we have found in other apps. You have an option for choosing a one-month, three-month, six-month subscription of the app.

Is The App Legit?

As there is a need for linking Instagram profile to Raya, you can find legit profiles. Most of the users have claimed that they have not encountered a phony zone in this dating app.

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